The ONLY 3 Strategies That Will Get You Losing Weight

When Was the Last Time You Felt Good About Your Body? Was it a year, 10 years, maybe never? Why are you so hard on yourself? Is it because you expect more from yourself, because you don't like how you look in the mirror, or you don't like the actions you're [...]

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Meet two women who lost over 35 pounds without dieting..

While I'm laying in bed recovering from having an ovarian cyst and endometriosis removed on Tuesday, I've been thinking about two special emails I received... The first was from Janet -  Here's what she wrote me: "I purchased your book and I love it...lost 35 pounds last year in two months.  Thanks [...]

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I’d love my body if…

There’s an unfortunate trend going on in the world and quite frankly, it’s hurting women (and men) everywhere. Women and men alike are putting parameters around when to love their bodies,  which ultimately leads to extreme measures for beauty and the self-sabotaging behavior of losing and gaining, losing and gaining.  What’s [...]