The ONLY 3 Strategies That Will Get You Losing Weight

When Was the Last Time You Felt Good About Your Body? Was it a year, 10 years, maybe never? Why are you so hard on yourself? Is it because you expect more from yourself, because you don't like how you look in the mirror, or you don't like the actions you're [...]

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Audrey Lost 80lbs By Caring For Herself More – See How…

I asked Audrey, a previous client of mine who lost over 80 pounds, to share with you the #1 tip for how she lost all that weight and she said this….. “You have to care about yourself more then you have. That’s it.”  How many times a day or week do you go between caring [...]

Are You Sick of Dieting?

You know what my biggest AHA has been over the last 18 years of coaching women to slim down is?   It’s not that losing weight is hard! What’s hard is staying on track and focusing on what counts.  Not getting distracted!   I think the biggest misconception people have is [...]

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Easy and Quick Tips For Partying and Still Wanting to Lose Weight

Today I'd like to share with you my favorite quick tips for you if you want to go out and party, yet still want to lose weight. People ask me all the time, "Marna, how do I have fun and not let drinking go to access because when it does, [...]

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