3 Secrets You Can Use To Stop Sabotaging Your Body Goals

Wow it’s been a crazy few weeks and I’m glad to get back in touch with all of you and start working with my current and new clients and Home Study members.

It feels good to sit here and reflect on 2017 while thinking about my personal goals for 2018.

The key for me each year is to always STRETCH out of my comfort zone but in a comfortable fashion. 🙂 It’s like as I get older I’m more clear about what I’m willing to do and what I’m not willing to do.

For example –
* I’m not willing to diet – but I am willing to get more quality foods in my body.
* I’m not willing to exercise doing workouts I hate – but I am willing to move my body in ways I love.
* I’m not willing to engage in punitive self-talk – but I am willing to give myself a quick kick in the butt when I need it.

I typically create 3-5 goals for the entire year and as I move toward my goals each year, I’m often met with some resistance and fear…

The secret to managing my fear and resistance is having a clear WHY to each goal. 

In other words, my goal this year is to move my body three times a week in some rigorous fashion. The reason WHY is that I want to improve my flexibility, strength and that in return makes being a mom easier physically, mentally and emotionally for me.

Knowing my WHY will help me take action each week.


Here’s my trick to this:  when my clients step into their goals and intentions each year by up-leveling who they are, fear is going to show up as excuses, feeling overwhelmed, being critical of others (or of me, their coach), saying now is not the right time, or in some way taking themselves out of the game.

Please hear me out on this. As a coach, I now expect this from the majority of my clients and Home Study Members. This is JUST resistance. It shows up every time you set yourself up to play a bigger game in your life and in the area where you struggle the most.

Here’s a great tip as you create your 2018 goals and intentions: Enroll in programs that up-level you and stay committed to what you enroll in or sign up for. Tell yourself that, while trying to improve your life, you may at times feel really really uncomfortable. Tell yourself that you will get through this. Then imagine what will be available to you on the other side of mastering your new goals and intentions for your life.

Don’t succumb to the voice of fear and doubt, because who you are is BIGGER then any fear.

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Marna Thall is the author of the international top selling e-book, Naturally Thin Secrets. Marna teaches you how to trim down without drugs or supplements using the little-known secrets of the thin.

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