The ONLY 3 Strategies That Will Get You Losing Weight

When Was the Last Time You Felt Good About Your Body? Was it a year, 10 years, maybe never?

Why are you so hard on yourself? Is it because you expect more from yourself, because you don't like how you look in the mirror, or you don't like the actions you're taking? Stop being so hard on yourself, because there are only three strategies that will get you losing weight.

Here's what I mean….

Every human being has the same number of hours in a week, but how we use those hours, what we think about and how we feel, is entirely different.  Even in your home, each member of your family spends their days thinking, feeling and hearing thoughts that are entirely different.

What makes someone lose weight and like their body?

It's quite simple actually. They align….

1. Their vision
2. Their feelings
3. Their thoughts

That's IT!!!

So if you're not yet ready to hit the gym or you don't want to make any changes to how you eat,  then at least get your vision, your feelings and your thoughts in alignment to being thin, happy and beautiful.

You can't visualize yourself thin and then feel bad about your stomach – it's confusing and it will pull your energy in two different places.

Here are some affirmations that you can begin making:

  • I deserve to love the body that I live in every day, all day.
  • I love and honor my body with my words, actions and beliefs.
  • Every cell in my body radiates and attracts health and joy.
  • My body loves kind, loving and gentle words.
  • Every kind word I say to my body gets me closer to reaching my weight and body goals.
  • My body is more powerful then I can imagine.
  • My body will become whatever I focus on – and I choose to focus on how beautiful and amazing it is.


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In Love and Health,

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