Thin Tip Thursday: How To Deal With Afternoon Food Cravings

Hi Everyone, it's Thin Tip Thursday. A question came in to me from a client regarding how to deal with afternoon food cravings. Here's what I have to say about that.... If the video doesn't load, just go to this link:   Please leave your comments below and [...]

This Surprising Mind Trick Will Have You Losing Weight This Week….

Slimming down is as much of a mind game as it is a food game - especially if you're an emotional eater like me. That's why today I have a fun and surprising trick that will really work to get you slimming down this week.... I use this ALL the time when I'm up [...]

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How to stop eating when you are bored

Do you ever find yourself bored and then suddenly feel like this need to head into the kitchen and eat? And while eating, for just a few minutes you find yourself feeling relaxed and comforted as you step into euphoria. There's no to feeling alone, no feeling bored out of your mind at [...]

Did the weekend have you crying on your scale?

Did you step on the scale after a long weekend and go "Oh no! I just had too much fun this weekend!???" AHHHHH!!! Then,  because you hate the number you saw, you panicked and quickly put some RULES in place that would 'keep you on track' this week. But then..... ....around late mid-day you found yourself [...]

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How the Thin Eat and How You Can Too

Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall and see precisely how the thin eat and how you can too? Well let me be your fly today! I'm going to show you precisely what I learned from interviewing over 100 naturally thin people... 1. The Naturally Thin choose Satisfied [...]

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Is this why you can’t lose weight?

Do you really want to slim down, yet on some level do you believe that you can’t lose weight? When you unconsciously believe thinness and health is not possible for you, then your unconscious mind will do whatever it can to keep you manifesting what we truly believe versus what you [...]

Are you out of integrity on your body commitments?

When it comes to your body, are you out of integrity with your body commitments? How many times have you said you were going to do something for your body and you just don’t follow through? Maybe it’s an appointment, exercise, or eating in a certain fashion? Does it happen a [...]

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The solution to seeing quick weight loss results NOW!

Do you ever feel like you’re out there, trying to do everything you can to slim down, only to be met by modest results when you get on the scale or put on your clothes? You look in the mirror and think… “Why doesn’t the effort I’m putting in really reflect [...]

3 Reasons Why Diets Don’t Work and Thinking Thin Always Does

This day in age there’s a new study out every day it seems focusing on what to eat and what not to eat.  So today I want to focus on providing you with three reasons why diets don't work and why thinking thin always does: Watch this video or read the [...]

Register for this Brand New 4-Part Video Series

Many of you shared with me that you enjoyed SEEING me. This year I'm stepping out of my comfort zone with video -  so I think you'll be seeing a lot more videos of me.  :) In saying that, I've put together a 4-part video series focused on helping you set the proper foundation [...]