The 3 Most Important Questions That Helped Me Lose Over 30 Pounds

There are three important questions that I ask myself each year that keep me on track with my body and my weight. I will explain them below, but first, ask yourself the following three questions: Are You Creating the RESULTS you want to see with your body? Are you feeling fulfilled [...]

What my yoga teacher shared today that will inspire you…

I was in yoga this morning and the instructor said - "transformation doesn't occur using sheer strength but accessing your heart's inner desires." Those words will continue to swim around in my mind today as I'm inspired to think about my heart's greatest desires. When you look at your life, you typically have [...]

Do Omega 3 Fats Really Help You Lose Fat?

Fish oils, Omega 3's...what's all the fuss? Let me help you understand all the hype. Fish oils are popular these days because they contain a fatty acid known as omega-3. Omega 3 cannot be produced by the body and must therefore be taken in through food or supplementation. But here's where [...]

Body Goals: 10 Rules for Women’s over 40 in 2017 (Bonus: 3 Tips to Achieve these Goals Quickly)

2017 is here and I’m excited to share with you 10 Rules for setting up your body goals for women who are 40 and who want to meet their weight loss goals this year. Most people set their goals and two weeks later fall off the wagon, but not me! [...]

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How Did Your Halloween Candy Eating Go?

How did Halloween candy eating go? Did you feel in control? Did you use the tip I gave you to eat candy with your non-dominant hand to reduce the quantity at each sitting by 30%? I always think that Halloween is great practice for the holidays coming up. Halloween kick-starts the [...]

Do you have someone in your life who is pushing you to be your best self?

It surprises me how often we watch celebrities get support and help in the areas they struggle in as a pattern of successful thinking and behaving. We see Bethany Franklin talking to her therapist, Oprah receiving health coaching, and Dr. Oz' family using fitness trainers. Yet, seldom do we do it for [...]

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Four Tips I’ve Used to Improve My Energy and Overall Quality of Life

Today I thought I would share four things that I’ve done to improve my energy and overall quality of my life. Plus, each of these will more positively effect your weight loss efforts too. The key is, is that you have to implement them! They are so easy, but if you don’t [...]

Holy smokes – I gained 2.5 pounds overnight

It's true, I gained 2.5 pounds overnight, and here's why this matters to you.... Yesterday we had some of our best friends over for brunch and I had a bagel in the morning. We had some leftover bagels and so I had another one for lunch.   If weight loss was just about calories, I [...]

How badly do you want to be thinner?

I talk to people all the time that tell me that they want to be thinner. Only when I know I can help them I will say, "Okay, so let's get you signed up for the Gold Member program" and some will say... "I don't have money" "It's not the right time" "I'm [...]

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