What my yoga teacher shared today that will inspire you…

I was in yoga this morning and the instructor said - "transformation doesn't occur using sheer strength but accessing your heart's inner desires." Those words will continue to swim around in my mind today as I'm inspired to think about my heart's greatest desires. When you look at your life, you typically have [...]

The solution to seeing quick weight loss results NOW!

Do you ever feel like you’re out there, trying to do everything you can to slim down, only to be met by modest results when you get on the scale or put on your clothes? You look in the mirror and think… “Why doesn’t the effort I’m putting in really reflect [...]

[Free Training] Are you ready to heal your hungry heart?

Have you ever noticed that patterns of your overeating are entirely tied to your emotions? There are two overarching emotional reasons why people overeat.... 1. The need for love 2. The need for protection I see it every day - which is why I'm offering a training called Healing Your Hungry Heart. You can register for here for absolutely no [...]

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Register for this Brand New 4-Part Video Series

Many of you shared with me that you enjoyed SEEING me. This year I'm stepping out of my comfort zone with video -  so I think you'll be seeing a lot more videos of me.  :) In saying that, I've put together a 4-part video series focused on helping you set the proper foundation [...]

Here’s how Shonda Rhimes lost 117 pounds last year…

I love inspiring weight loss stories, don't you? Did you hear that the creator of Grey's Anatomy and Scandal's Shonda Rhimes lost 117 pounds last year during her year of saying YES to more? Good for her!!In learning more about her transformation, Shonda Rhimes did some very powerful things from fat thinking and [...]

You’re Invited – FREE Emotional Eating Webinar

I know you are going to LOVE this . . . I want to invite you to a FREE training I'm doing focused on healing any emotional eating you're having.    Next Thursday, November 19th I am going to provide a great new training, along with ANSWERING YOUR EMOTIONAL EATING QUESTIONS LIVE called...  "How To [...]

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Join Me for The Wild Abundance & Ultimate Freedom Women’s Movement!

I just got back from Mexico and you know when you have a vacation and it really feels like a vacation? That's how it was! With temperatures so hot, we did nothing but swim, eat, drink and swim some more.  Now that I'm feeling all relaxed and calm, I thought I [...]

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Holy smokes – I gained 2.5 pounds overnight

It's true, I gained 2.5 pounds overnight, and here's why this matters to you.... Yesterday we had some of our best friends over for brunch and I had a bagel in the morning. We had some leftover bagels and so I had another one for lunch.   If weight loss was just about calories, I [...]

I’d love my body if…

There’s an unfortunate trend going on in the world and quite frankly, it’s hurting women (and men) everywhere. Women and men alike are putting parameters around when to love their bodies,  which ultimately leads to extreme measures for beauty and the self-sabotaging behavior of losing and gaining, losing and gaining.  What’s [...]

[Free Training] Do you ever feel like you’re on the diet hamster wheel?

Do you ever feel like you're on a diet hamster wheel? Here's what I mean...do you feel like you start strong with diet and exercise on Monday then by Wednesday night you're so tired and sick of feeling restricted so you self-sabotage, or by the weekend it all just seems [...]

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