7 Of the Fastest Ways to Change Your Body’s Weight Set Point!

I don't know about you, but after turning 35 my body fell into a comfortable set point making it more difficult than ever to lose weight. It almost felt like the dial was turned to a certain weight set point and no matter what I did, it just didn’t budge.

Can you relate?

Let me first be clear about what your set point is. Your set point is just the ratio of lean mass to fat mass you carry that your body has become most comfortable with.

This is influenced by a ton of different factors but as we get older it can feel like a fight to lose weight or that our body has randomly picked a weight that you hate seeing on the scale and is doing everything it possibly can to stay on that annoying weight.

It's like your body resists at every twist and turn.

If your body is not responding to ANYTHING you do and you are ready to shift your body's weight set point (set point is not an official medical term but any of us over 40 know it should be), then you are going to love these simple tips you can begin doing that will make a huge difference in your body’s set point:

1. Change your gut.
change your gut
This is amazing news for any of you desperate to slim down and change your body’s set point!! You might even want to kiss me when you hear this news because it's sooooo doable and extremely easy to do….

The types of bacteria that flourish in your intestines play a major role in your weight set point. To improve your gut’s intestinal bacteria, you want to make sure you have good bacteria growing in your intestines and it is essential to get the bad bacteria out.

So how do you do that?

Well good news, that’s what I’m here for.

The simplest way is to improve your gut bacteria is to stop using artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners encourage the growth of bacteria associated with obesity. Instead, you want to cultivate the strains of bacteria associated with leaner bodies by eating a variety of fermented and cultured foods like kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut (fermented cabbage), pickles and coconut yogurt to bring your gut back into a healthy ‘thin' state.

How easy is that? Just head to the grocery, get some delicious organic sauerkraut, kombucha, and pickles and have some a little each day as part of your meals and watch your gut dance with happiness!

2. Lose Weight Slowly

Lose Weight Slowly


Another way to permanently reset your weight set point is to lose weight slowly. Slow and steady weight loss isn’t always what we crave. I mean who doesn’t want all the extra weight off yesterday, but the long-term results of slow weight loss crafts a new set-point that is going to make you able to maintain your weight loss much easier than quick weight loss.

Here’s why…when you slim down slowly, your body is able to slowly reset itself to a new ‘normal’, which is a wonderful way to change your set point for lasting results. Yet, when you quickly lose weight, your body is still acting and living at that older heavier set point. Give it time my love.

A slow and steady weight loss approach works better, in the long run, to change your habits too. My clients often see slow and steady weight loss which is much more permanent because true habit shifting is taking place, along with powerful new ways of relating to food.

So be proud of your 1-2 pound weight loss this week! Celebrate it and know you're doing more for your body than you could ever imagine!

3. Change Up Your Exercise

change up your exercise

If you’ve been heading to the gym and doing the same elliptical workout, the same treadmill walking, the same yoga class, then your body needs a shake up.

One of the most effective ways to blast through your fat, which in turn will change your set-point is to engage in interval training.

So let’s just say you love walking like I do. I just love getting outside and walking. However, I noticed that it sure doesn’t make my body look any different. So here’s what I did to shake it up.

Instead of going for a long hour walk, I head outside with my kids and we do four 40-second sprints with breaks in between. I’m telling you, it’s amazing the fat burning effect! Try this out and if you have a Fitbit, apple watch, or other exercise or fat burning tracker, you are absolutely going to love what you see. Five minutes of hard exercise will torch your fat and get your set-point in the right direction.

Yes, you are welcome – because now you're going to be saving gobs of time.

4.Spice Up Your Metabolism

Spice Up Your Metabolism

To get your set-point shifting you’ve got to be more of a fat burning machine than you currently are. So let me help you by giving you some fabulous spices that will spice up your fat burning and get things moving.

You’re probably already cooking up dinners or making breakfasts and lunches, so you mine as well get your metabolism firing on all four cylinders right?

a) Cayenne Pepper

Capsaicin is the compound in cayenne pepper that gives peppers their heat. This heat provides a thermogenic or fat burning effect in your body. This has a beneficial impact on set-point. Research suggests that consuming thermogenic ingredients may boost your metabolism by up to 5 percent, and increase fat burning by up to 16 percent, so cheers to cayenne in chili, in tea, salsa, breakfast eggs, tacos – really anywhere!

b) Cinnamon

Cinnamon has been shown to boost metabolism and it also kicks butt when it comes to blood sugar regulation; making it an ideal seasoning for you if you’re diabetic or are pre-diabetic.

I love adding cinnamon in the morning to my coffee or to my smoothies. Feel free to share with my your favourite recipes that are loaded with cinnamon.

c) Mustard

Mustard seeds have been shown to boost metabolic rate by 25 percent, which means you'll burn calories more efficiently while resetting your body’s set point. All you need for this benefit is roughly 3/4 teaspoon of mustard seeds daily to speed up your body so you can start wearing your skinny jeans again.

d) and e) Turmeric and Cardamom

If you like curry, start loading up on turmeric and cardamom. What I love about turmeric and cardamom, is that they reduce the formation of fat tissue by suppressing the blood vessels needed to form it! Now that’s sexy!

I love adding turmeric and cardamom to soups, salsas, stir-fry dishes and chili. You can even create your own special blend of these spices and sprinkle them on steak, chicken or anything really.

5. Real Food Rocks 

I know you know this and have heard this a million times, but make sure you’re eating foods your great grandmother could identify.

If the food you eat comes mostly from a machine, then make the shift to identifiable food in your diet.

I’m not naturally a vegetable girl, so one of the things I’ve done is challenged myself to one meal each day that is loaded with vegetables, and then if I eat a meal like that, I star it on my calendar.

There’s not a person on earth who is going to tell you vegetables aren’t great for you. If you are sick of your set-point and you’re not a vegetable eater, add these to your diet with a lovely piece of fish, some nuts, or some chicken and watch your set-point start making the changes you need.

6. Stop Dieting

Stop Dieting

Every time you on a diet to lose weight, you often times shift your eating but because we know that diets don’t work for 99% of people, at some point you will stop dieting.

When you diet to lose weight and then you stop dieting, your body will go right back to where it was and often, because you were mentally deprived, you will eat more than you would have if you had never dieted in the first place.

For the majority of people, diets move our set-point down, but then back up and this back and forth, up and down momentum often creates a higher set point and I know you don’t want that. So knock of dieting! You don’t have to diet to lose weight.

7. Address Your Emotional Eating

Address Your Emotional Eating


If the reason why you’re putting on weight is because you are looking for food to numb out and love you up, then it is crucial to work with me or a weight loss coach to help you identify what you are really eating and what your need for food is truly about.

Emotional eating will increase your set-point by putting more food into your body then you need. This, in turn, slows down metabolism and wreaks havoc on your body – not to mention how you feel about yourself.

Make sure you break the emotional eating cycle and get with a program or group to help you move away from eating your feelings.

There’s just no way you can turn your set point around unless you find new and powerful ways to address your emotional eating.

If you haven’t taken this quiz to see why you eat, please do so here.

With these fast tips, you are sure to start seeing your set-point move in the right direction. Make sure to share with me any great recipes you love using these fabulous spices or leave a comment. I’m excited to help you shift your body into a more efficient fat burning machine.

If you want further tips to reset your body's set point and how to flip the switch in your brain to slim down and make peace with food without giving up the foods you love, click this link: http://www.thinwithin.com/fliptheswitch

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