Body Goals: 10 Rules for Women’s over 40 in 2017 (Bonus: 3 Tips to Achieve these Goals Quickly)

2017 is here and I’m excited to share with you 10 Rules for setting up your body goals for women who are 40 and who want to meet their weight loss goals this year.

Most people set their goals and two weeks later fall off the wagon, but not me!

I absolutely love setting up goals and I meet 90% or more of my goals each year. Want to know how I make my goals come to fruition? How I’ve seen much of my life soar?

Let me teach you my best 10 process and the tricks that I’ve learned to setting up goals that manifest great body and life results….

1.  Sit down with yourself and have a heart to heart with your life. What are you grateful for and what would you like this year to look like?

2. You will find yourself coming up with goal themes – for my husband, and me, when we create our goals (I love doing them together) we usually have financial investing goals, physical goals, spiritual and family goals.

3. You will find that there are some themes that need your attention more then other themes this year and goals that lift up off the page and excite you more then others. If not, your goals aren’t really exciting you into action. You’re not seeing how they can be manifested or that they can be manifested at all, so keep working on your goals until you get excited by a few of them.

Now, circle the 3-5 biggest goals that excite you to no end – that make your heart sing. Maybe it’s to weigh a certain weight or perhaps it’s to jog 2-3 miles twice a week or perhaps it’s to earn $2,000 more a month or to invest in a real estate opportunity.

4.  Whatever 3-5 goals that you pick, it’s critical to make sure that you make it specific. You want to literally be able to see it being manifested in your mind’s eye.  If you can’t see it, you must be able to feel it. Your goals need excite you viscerally or visually.

5. Looking at your body goals, can you see yourself accomplishing your body goal? If you currently weigh 180 pounds and your goal is to weigh 140 by December 2017, can you see yourself actually being 140? If not, then can you see yourself weighing 170? Whatever weight you can see and feel and you believe, then start there. You can always have a stretch goal that stretches you to 140 pounds.

Most people can't see their goal in their mind's eye and that's a problem. You've got to be able to SEE your goal.

I have a picture of my dream body with my head on top of it – stuck to my lamp so I can SEE what I'm moving towards.

6. Now it’s time to break up your goals so you will actually achieve them this year.

Let’s make this fun and say you have a goal this year to feel comfortable naked in front of your husband or partner, this is the step where you make a naked plan.

First start by walking in your closet naked, then in front of your mirror, then walk around your room, next while your husband is laying in bed do a little naked walk, then hang around naked for longer and longer as your comfort grows.

7.  This next step is to set up your life to achieve your goals.

To make sure you achieve your goals, you’re going to want to break each goal into steps and then all you have to do is put them in your calendars as reminders on your computer, your phone or any calendar you check out in your house (maybe you don’t want the naked goal hanging in your kitchen J).

Some of my goals are things I work a whole month on like eating more vegetables. I may have a goal to have 2 meals each day be vegetable dense meals.  So that one is easy, I can just setup my calendar to remind me each day, week or month; whichever you prefer.

8. Ignite your words to match your goals.

Here’s what I mean by this – if you want to be a certain size or you’d like to be a certain weight or be more active, then watch the words you use.

If you are 180 pounds and you currently weigh 140 pounds, don’t tell yourself losing weight is hard. Just pick one thing you can do to move you closer to that weight – maybe you want to start eating only when you are hungry, don’t tell yourself that it’s hard, difficult, painful or any other word that will contradict the exact thing you’re trying to accomplish. Say things like “I’m so excited to eat only when I’m hungry.” I remember when this was my goal and I made it fun, made a game out of it, and little by little, eating only when I was hungry became my reality.

9.  Get help with certain goals.

When you look at your goals, you will see that some of these goals you can do on your own and some you can’t.  If you have an investing goal, depending on your background, you might be able to do it by yourself, or you might nee to look into some financial advice. It’s okay to ask for help as long as the help you ask for, will lead you toward this years goals, not away from them.

10.  Get started and celebrate.

Once you’ve written out your 3-5 awesome and exciting goals for 2017, you’ve broken them out into small steps, and you’ve broken these steps out in them in your calendar, you are using words  that align to these goals and you know which ones you need help in, it’s time to start! There’s no reason to hold yourself back and with the right goals written down, you won’t be able to stop yourself from taking action.

BONUS TIP #1: Don’t forget to celebrate your goals as you begin moving toward them little by little.  For every 3 pounds lost, celebrate by getting a new nail polish or lip gloss! Celebrating makes this journey fun and effective and is powerful way to rewire your brain for success.

BONUS TIP #2: When I ask women to share their goals with me, most every woman comes to me with 10 – 12 goals. Noooooo! That is way too many goals, no wonder most people fail with goal setting.

BONUS TIP #3: Place your 3-5 goals somewhere where you pass by regularly. Places that I like are your fridge, bathroom mirror, your office placed in the wall framed in front of you, so you can see your goals often.

And there you have it. My 10-step solution to have you manifesting your 2017 goals with ease, grace and FUN!

If you’re going through this process and want us to help you get clear of your body goals and see if we can help you to make your body goals a reality this year, Click HERE and me or one of my coaches would love to help craft a plan.


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