The 3 Most Important Questions That Helped Me Lose Over 30 Pounds

There are three important questions that I ask myself each year that keep me on track with my body and my weight.

I will explain them below, but first, ask yourself the following three questions:

  1. Are You Creating the RESULTS you want to see with your body?
  2. Are you feeling fulfilled emotionally, physically and spiritually in your life?
  3. Are you playing full out in the world? Do you feel you have a purpose?

When I ask myself these questions each year, my goal is, to be honest with myself and create a plan to up-level the areas of my health and life that need my attention.

Almost 20 years ago when I asked myself these same questions, the answers looked bleak. My body and my relationship with food weren't giving me the life I knew I wanted.

I wasn’t feeling confident in myself.

I was eating too much.

I wasn’t happy with my spiritual evolution.

I most certainly wasn’t happy about the emotional eating roller coasted I was on.

It's powerful to get COMPLETELY honest with yourself isn't it?

In order for me to get different results, I knew something was going to have to change.

That’s when I stopped dieting and started educating myself on how to rewire my brain differently.

I went from over 170 lbs to 135 lbs.

My life completely transformed in less then four months because I got honest with myself and became 100% solution focused after answering these questions.

At that time in my life, I was scared and not sure what to do. Yet after learning dozens of new thinking patterns, new ‘thin' ways of relating to food, and fabulous new tools to manage my emotional eating, I changed my body and relationship with food forever!

Without deeply understanding these new thin ways of thinking, eating and being, I wouldn’t have been able to foresee what I wasn't seeing … I would have stayed “roughing it” with diets and using outdated strategies making me doomed to fail (because I was horrible at dieting).

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About the Author:

Marna Thall is the author of the international top selling e-book, Naturally Thin Secrets. Marna teaches you how to trim down without drugs or supplements using the little-known secrets of the thin.

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