2 of the Fastest Ways to Change Your Body’s Weight Set Point

I don't know about you, but after turning 35 my body fell into a comfortable set point making it more difficult than ever. As we get older it can feel like a fight to lose weight and stay there. It's like your body resists at every twist and turn.

Don’t get me wrong — light fluctuation is definitely normal and you should see normal fluctuations – you're a human being for crying out loud!

If your body is not responding to ANYTHING and you're ready to shift your body's weight set point (set point is not an official medical term but any of us over 40 know it should be), then you are going to love these two simple tips you can do to start making a different in your set point today:


1.  Change your gut. This is amazing news for any of you wanting to slim down and change your body weight set point!! You might even want to kiss me when you hear this news because it's sooooo doable and sooo easy to do….

The types of bacteria that flourish in your intestines play a major role in your body weight set point. To improve your get intestinal bacteria, you want to make sure you've got good bacteria growing in your intestines and you've got to get the bad bacteria out.

An easy way is improve your gut bacteria is to stop using artificial sweeteners, which seem to encourage the growth of bacteria associated with obesity. Instead, you want to cultivate the strains of bacteria associated with leaner bodies by eating a variety of fermented and cultured foods like kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut (fermented cabbage), pickles and coconut yogurt to bring your gut back into a healthy ‘thin' state.

How easy is that to try? Just head to the grocery, get some delicious organic sauerkraut, kombucha and pickles and have some a little each day and watch your gut dance with happiness!

Now let's move on to the second thing you can do to change your body's set point….


2. Lose Weight Slowly
Another way to permanently reset your weight set point is to lose weight in a natural and healthy fashion – which means losing weight slowly and steadily.  When you slim down slowly, your body is able to slowly reset itself to a new ‘normal' which is a wonderful way to change your set point for long term results.

A slow and steady weight loss approach works better in the long run to change your habits too. My clients often see slow and steady weight loss which is much more permanent because true habit shifting is taking place, along with powerful new ways of relating to food.

So be proud of your 1-2 pound weight loss this week! Celebrate it and know you're doing more for your body then you could ever imagine!

Curious how the naturally thin stay thin, take this 5 Day Challenge.


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